Current Projects

Resource Packaging for Healthcare Workers in need and Medical Students

We have realized that many healthcare workers are still struggling and many medical students are not receiving enough resources and honestly time so we've decided to begin planning for a project to help them!

Oldage Homes Care Packages

We are creating a distributing care packages consisting of mini-paintings made by members, chocolates, and cards to show kindness and love towards senior citizens in Old-Age homes as well as citizens facing long term diseases such as alzheimer's.

Homemade Dog Treats Project

We are creating homemade dog treats in bulk to provide to dog shelters which are short on treats and other care item supplies

Packages for Homeless people

This project is about giving back to the homeless to try and help them during these devastating times by giving them essential supplies such as blankets, masks, food, and water.

Park Clean-up Project (Ongoing)

We began a Park Clean-up project to make our environment better, cleaner and safer as well and to keep the areas around us beautiful.

Awareness Videos (Ongoing)

We create videos every two weeks about various important topics to help raise community awareness.

Books Service Project (Ongoing)

Coppell ISD has generously donated over 145 boxes of books to Project Querencia! We are currently in the process of creating a project involving these books that could positively impact our community!

Expansion of the Care Packages project (Ongoing)

To help support more essential workers than we already have, we are expanding our project targeting more places and larger numbers than before.

Crossing-guard initiative (Ongoing)

We have started the crossing guard initiative to help make our communities safer. This initiative is where high school students take on the role of crossing guard to monitor and ensure the safety of children/minors during times of highest activity. The primary purpose is to avoid accidents. We value every life and wish our children to have fun while being safe. It also gives high schoolers the opportunity to take on responsibility and allows them to teach children about road and park safety. This helps encourage safe practices amongst all members of the community and provides awareness.