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Completed Initiatives

Packaging 2800 Diapers for Moms in Need

Coppell Team

The PQ Coppell Chapter partnered with  Hope Supply Co. This organization provides homeless and at-risk children with diapers, wipes, hygiene kits, baby food, and many other necessities. Our volunteers helped their initiative by sorting and packaging over 2800 diapers!

Treats for Animals @  Plainfield Area Humane Society

Edison Team 

PQ Edison organized donated food items, socialized with the cats, and walked the dogs at Plainfield Area Humane Society animal shelter! They showed that their community outreach extends past just humans, but also to animal companions!

Posters for Teachers and Faculty @ JP Stevens High School

Doing What’s Needed

Our Edison chapter expressed their gratitude for teachers and faculty at JP Stevens High school through beautifully designed posters! They brought a smile to the faces of many teachers, and welcomed copious amounts of positivity to their community!

Utensil Bundles for Soup Kitchen in Need

Edison Team 

The Edison utensil bundles project was a wonderful initiative that provided a local kitchen with well-needed supplies. Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchens received 50 utensil bundles consisting of forks, spoons, and napkins. The soup kitchen provides meals for many community members, so our Edison chapter further helped the kitchen’s initiatives.

Frisco Art Camp

Frisco Team

PQ Frisco’s art camps were a creative project like nothing PQ had done before. They raised an astounding $600, while also spreading the joy and creativity of PQ by teaching young children how to make beautiful pieces of art.

Appreciation Treats for Medical City Frisco

Frisco Team

Our frisco chapter drops off baked sweets to show appreciation for doctors at Medical City Frisco!

Appreciation Packages for Prosper Firefighters

Prosper Team

Our PQ Prosper chapter delivered appreciation packages for the firefighters in their district today! These packages included an assortment of snacks and crafts to show how much our first responders mean to us! We are so proud of their hard work, along with the time and dedication they’ve put in every project they have taken on so far. Even though our Prosper chapter is one of our newly formed chapters, Khushi has quickly become one of the best leaders I’ve worked with. Their chapter’s work is impressive!

Coppell Farmers Market Fundraiser

Coppell Team 

Our PQ Fundraiser at the Farmers Market was a success! We were able to raise $400!! Go team and thank you to everyone who came out and supported and for all our awesome members for making it happen!

Bake Sale Fundraiser

Prosper Team

Our Prosper chapter had their first fundraiser today and raised a total of $226. They made hand baked goodies from brownies and cookies to pastries and pretzels. Everything they made was so excellent and they are so awesome!! We are beyond proud of them! Go team!

Edison Clothing Drive

Edison Team

Our Edison Chapter dropped off 200 pieces of clothing (6 bags) to those in need! Go team!

Relay for Life Partnership with the American Heart Association

Coppell Team 

Our PQ team was a vendor today for the Relay for Life with the American Heart Association @ the Coppell HS 9th grade Campus. We raised $65! Go team!!

Project Querencia x March of Dimes Remembrance Walk @ Dallas!

Coppell and Prosper Team 

Project Querencia x March of Dimes Remembrance Walk @ Dallas! This walk and event were definitely so memorable and we were able to learn so much and grow so much. Our Coppell and Prosper chapter met for the first time and it was awesome! Thank you to Khushi, our prosper chapter head for bringing her team to help at the event and for Ms. Modi for giving us this awesome opportunity! Go team!.

Project Querencia x March of Dimes Walk of Remembrance @ Fort Worth

Coppell Team

Project Querencia x March of Dimes Walk of Remembrance! Definitely, an unforgettable experience to see the impact being made on these strong moms and their families, getting to meet so many groups from healthcare to just the volunteers that never stopped making us laugh, the on site nail painting, face-painting, and so much more! Thank you Ms. Modi for giving us this wonderful opportunity and for letting us be a part of such a beautiful event! Everyone come join us next weekend to support for take 2 on the event @ Dallas!

Old Town Anniversary Fair - Mural Presentation

Coppell Team

Today PQ Coppell took on the Old Town Anniversary Fair where we presented our plan for painting a mural at the Old Town Local Diner and the Summer fair that we are going to have in June! We got to build so many connections with the members of old town and met so many amazing people that are ready to come volunteer for this awesome upcoming event! We hope that you will be here with us to support Old Town and our PQ family as we begin this new endeavor to bring the community together to create a new Coppell Landmark!

Earthfest - Helping the Environment with Eco-Friendly Bird Houses

Coppell Team

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us at earthfest! This event was definitely one for the books and I’m so proud of our pq family. We raised over $200 which will go towards future initiatives! Wohoo! We are also really happy to say that we met amazing new members interested in service and built new connections with our community!

A couple recognitions : Thank you to Maya for working tirelessly with me to make preparations for earthfest and being such an avid speaker and for her dad for being on site and helping us set up this beautiful booth. Thank you to Spandan, Roma, and Sahaj ⁩for spending this Saturday AND the last Saturday volunteering with us @ Coppell events and for being so bright, spontaneous, and dedicated. This event wouldn’t have been possible without y’all! We did it guys! 

200 Care Packages for Prosper Teachers

Prosper Team

Our PQ prosper chapter delivered 200 care packages to show appreciation for their teachers during teacher appreciation week. Getting back to normality after COVID is a struggle for educators and we thought that showing appreciation for them would brighten up their day! Go team!

Coppell Connected - Neighbors Help Neighbors

Coppell Team 

Today, our PQ Coppell team took on the Coppell Connected - Neighbors help Neighbors event where we brought the Coppell community together by helping residents with various tasks from washing windows to painting fences! So proud of our team and their hardwork during this event! We look forward to it next year as well!

176 Cards for Veterans @ Menlo Park Veteran Home (Edison)

Edison Team

PQ Edison writes 176 cards for veterans at Menlo Park Veteran Memorial Home!

135 Meals for the Homeless in Rural Chennai, India

Organized by Shraavya Pydisetti and Jia Dedoja

Project Querencia takes it international! Today, we were able to provide 135 meals for the homeless in rural India and we received these photos and videos in return. We cannot begin to express in words how grateful we felt watching this video…this is why we do what we do and we are so lucky to be able to serve and make a difference even if it’s a small one❤️

Candygrams for doctors @ Excel Pediatrics in Piscatawy

Edison Team

Our Edison team created candygrams for doctors serving children in order to show appreciation for their hard work!

Holi Fundraiser to collect items for local shelters

Frisco Team 

Our PQ Frisco team held a Holi fundraiser this weekend to bring together members and the community to celebrate culture while also collecting items in high need in local shelters! The event was incredibly successful and our members raised over $150 worth of items such as cereal, cooking oil, diapers, and more. Thank you to everyone who donated and helped out!

Resource fundraiser for low-income families

Edison Team

Our PQ Edison team fundraisers and donate non-perishable items such as pasta, canned foods, cereals, etc. These items were then given to families in the Edison community that were lacking these necessities. They also assisted in packaging bags with food and essential items to give to these families firsthand through car drives!

Birthday gifts & presents for kids @ Children’s Health Medical Center in Plano!

Navya Munigety, Shraavya Pydisetti, Anish Arepally, Rushil Vankamamidi 

We were able to provide $110 worth of gifts for Children fighting disease!

Hygiene kits in Partnership with iLead for the Homeless

Shraavya Pydisetti, Sanjitha Sreemustha, Navya Munigety, Krish Patel

Thanks to our PQ team for helping fund items to help the Coppell iLead team create 500 packages to help the homeless and low-income families. Also a huge thanks to our members for helping write 300 cards and decorating 200 bags! Good job iLead and go PQ members!
The packages provided consisted of soap, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cards, shampoo, laundry detergent, and socks. Feminine hygiene products, as well as baby care items.

Candygrams for Cancer Patients @ Hematology and Oncology Care Edison 

Edison Team 

Go PQ Edison for delivering cards and candy grams for cancer patients at The hematology and oncology care in Edison! These packages included hand written notes from the members, chocolates, and other treats to motivate those battling cancer!

Litter Cleanup @ Roosevelt Park (Edison)

Edison Team 

Our Edison team helped the environment by cleaning up litter in one of the biggest parks in Edison, New Jersey - Roosevelt Park. Go team!

$2000 Donation Partnership with March of Dimes for North TX Food Bank (Coppell)

All Project Querencia Members 

We were able to team up with March of Dimes to provide 6000 meals for individuals in need through a $2000 donation! Go PQ team!

Gift baggies for residents @ Watermere Oldage Home! (Frisco)

Frisco Team 

Our Frisco chapter completed their first project by creating gift baggies for residents at Watermere Oldage Home! These gift baggies had cards, chocolates, and other appreciation treats in order to let these individuals know that we're thinking of them!

100 meals for the homeless in South Dallas (Coppell)

Divya Sivalenka, Shraavya Pydisetti, Hamsika Naganaboina, Sanjitha Sreemushta, Anish Arepally, Saharsh Manderwad, Sahaj Kancharla, Krish Patel, Manas Vayuvegula

Our team provided 100 homeless people down with pasta, water, and hand warmers! A life changing experience to say the least! Thank you to Anish, Shraavya, Hamsika, and Divya for cooking meals in their homes as well as Shraavya and Sanjitha’s dads for helping bring these meals downtown! Thank you to all our volunteers for helping make a difference for the homeless!

50 meals for the homeless in South Dallas (Coppell)

Shraavya Pydisetti, Navya Munigetty, Rushil Vankamamidi, Anish Arepally, Mihira Kada,Sowbarnika Morsa

Our members had made 50 meals to provide to the homeless and those in need during these difficult time in South Dallas. This was truly an amazing and life changing experience!