Meet Our Officers!


Shraavya Pydisetti


Hey, this is Shraavya! I am the founder as well as the president of Project Querencia. As the president, I lead management and help guide the organization towards fulfilling our mission. I have always wanted to make a difference in our community and the world as a whole, which led me in establishing this organization with this phenomenal team. I’m an aspiring surgeon and I hope to be a great asset to the medical field, and help save lives. I’m also an artist and a writer and I like to spend my free time finding creative ways to express myself. 

Meet our Committee Heads!


Saharsh Manderwad

Finance/Sales + Documentation Committee

Hey! My name is Saharsh Manderwad and I’m the head of the Finance and Documentation Committee at Project Querencia. I’m in charge of documenting volunteering hours of our members, logging in our tutoring hours and the monthly income of Project Querencia. I also handle the budget of every project done in Project Querencia. I have been with this organization for almost a year, where I have gotten close with many people and was able to build new connections with them. I hope that my efforts can better the community by using our resources efficiently to start new projects, which in turn will help our community.  My hobbies include basketball, playing the trumpet and coding where I have recently published 2 apps.