Meet Our Officers!


Shraavya Pydisetti


Hey, this is Shraavya! I am the founder as well as the president of Project Querencia. As the president, I lead management and help guide the organization towards fulfilling our mission. I have always wanted to make a difference in our community and the world as a whole, which led me in establishing this organization with this phenomenal team. I’m an aspiring surgeon and I hope to be a great asset to the medical field, and help save lives. I’m also an artist and a writer and I like to spend my free time finding creative ways to express myself. 

Meet our Committee Heads!


Abdullah Aslam

Marketing + Fundraising Committee Head

Hey! My name is Abdullah Aslam and I’m the head of the Marketing and Fundraising committee here at Project Querencia. I’m in-charge of marketing and as well as raising funds through various events. I’ve been at PQ for 4 months now and I’ve grown to love the marketing aspect and that’s what pushed me to run for this role. I’m hoping that my efforts will push more members into finding their passion for marketing and bringing a larger impact on our community by providing us with the funds we need to lead more projects. I love service and I love this role! I’m an aspiring artist and love painting in my free time. I also love cooking and enjoy spending time with my pets.