Current Initiatives


PQ will partake in the Earth fest on April 30th and our members are in process of coming up with sustainable ideas to help better the environment

Old Town Mural & Fair

As Old town Coppell's local businesses are struggling, our PQ team will be installing a mural as well as hosting a fair to bring more of the community together at old town and raise awareness for the old businesses

Letters for Soldiers

Our members are in process of writing letters to support soldiers that are serving our country

Goodies for Senior Citizens

Our New Jersey chapter is creating goodie bags to help show care towards our senior citizens

Nutrition Education

Our PQ team will be coming up with projects to raise awareness for nutrition literacy in the homeless population as well as aid with food resources to allow them to have access to food and a healthy lifestyle.

Downtown Dallas Education Support

Our team is in process of coming up with projects to help struggling school districts in Downtown Dallas and provide resources to help students succeed as well as allow teachers to relieve the burden of trying to meet resource and supply requirements

Neighbors help Neighbors

Our PQ team will partake in the neighbors help neighbors initiative in Coppell to help those in need as well as to bring community together

Raise awareness for Mental Health

All of our chapters are selling mental health bracelets in order to raise awareness for mental health and then use the funds to support various causes!

Awareness Videos (Ongoing)

We create videos every two weeks about various important topics to help raise community awareness.

Expansion of the Care Packages project (Ongoing)

To help support more essential workers than we already have, we are expanding our project targeting more places and larger numbers than before.